About Tour24

Tour24 is the award-winning platform for self-guided tours that empowers communities and helps future renters easily find a home on their own.

Built by innovators in multifamily, Tour24 is the only provider of the self-guided experience that incorporates audio and visual support. Combining its transformative technology with key industry integrations, including smart home and secure verification capabilities, Tour24 is the most comprehensive solution on the market.

Led by a high-caliber client success team of industry experts, Tour24 is laser focused on delivering more traffic, more tours and ultimately more leases.

Leadership Team

Georgianna W. Oliver
CEO and Founder

Started four businesses. Sold to RealPage and Gibraltar. Disrupting the multifamily industry. 20+ years in the industry.
Sports Team: OSU
Secret Skill: Flipping Houses
Happy Place: Chatham, MA
“Go To” Drink: Triple Shot Almond Latte
Guilty Pleasure: Real Housewives
Super Power: Delivering results

John I. Doyle

Corporate HR and Training. 15+ years in multifamily helping owners /operators run their communities more effectively with innovative technology.
Sports Team: Univ. of Cincinnati Bearcats
Secret Skill: I can roll my stomach like a belly dancer
Happy Place: Anyplace my dogs are using me as their human pillow
“Go To” Drink: Very Strong Moscow Mule
Guilty Pleasure: Any Real Life Crime Shows (Dateline, Snapped, 48 Hours)
Super Power: Entertaining a captive audience

Jen Fallon
EVP Finance

20+ years working in high-tech and start-ups as an entrepreneur, inventor and CPA.
Sports Team: Boston Bruins
Secret Skill: Certified in Reiki and can name any 80’s music tune
Happy Place: Craigville Beach Association (x2 if my family and friends are there, too!)
“Go To” Drink: AM: Coffee; PM: Cosmo
Guilty Pleasure: Four Seas Ice Cream… and Jax (not together, promise).
Super Power: Making sense of the numbers.

Joanna Hackney
EVP Client Success

Leader in multifamily/proptech for 20+ years. Delivering excellent client experiences through all phases of partnership. Specializations include revenue management, business intelligence and on-site operations.
Sports Team: UT Longhorns
Secret Skill: Event Planning
Happy Place: Anywhere outdoors with a book and my dog
“Go To” Drink: Chardonnay
Guilty Pleasure: Nacho Cheese Doritos
Super Power: Helping clients create and execute their business strategy

Erin McCormick
EVP Marketing & Product Design

Founded three companies. Award-winning software designer. CIO at two companies. Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centers at Babson and UMass. Designer, Author and Keynote Speaker.
Sports Team: Red Sox
Secret Skill: Singing/producing musical numbers all over the world
Happy Place: By the beach
“Go To” Drink: Chai Latte or Chardonnay
Guilty Pleasure: Watching The Bachelor with my daughter
Super Power: Turning ideas into action

Yinka Kuye
VP Product Development

10+ years in multifamily. In-depth frontline property management knowledge. Managed Front Desk to C-suite expectations. Results- oriented systems integrator, problem solver and industry disruptor.
Sports Team: New England Patriots
Secret Skill: Gardening
Happy Place: On a beach anywhere
“Go To” Drink: Whiskey Sour
Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV….ALL of them!
Super Power: Plowing through obstacles

Sales Team

Contessa Stinde
Senior Director Sales

Been in multifamily for 13 years at various companies and have enjoyed every minute of it. It is a special industry.
Sports Team: SEAHAWKS!
Secret Skill: Can fix or install anything around the house. My Dad taught me well.
Happy Place: Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ
“Go To” Drink: Skinny Vanilla Latte
Guilty Pleasure: The Bachelor
Super Power: Building strong relationships

Sue Anderson
Senior Director Sales

2X Business Owner. Skilled in Business and People Development. 30 yr Hospitality and Mutifamily Veteran.
Sports Team: LA Dodgers (Go BLUE)
Secret Skill: Animal Whisperer
Happy Place: Any place my toes are in the sand
“Go To” Drink: Aged California Cabernet Sauvignon
Guilty Pleasure: Binging Netflix
Super Power: Bringing people together

Jesselyn Hayes
Director of Sales

Top performing sales executive with 12+ years in multifamily and commercial real estate technology.
Sports Team: New England Patriots
Secret Skill: Cooking
Happy Place: Boat or slopes on a sunny day
“Go To” Drink: Iced tea, cabernet, spicy margarita
Guilty Pleasure: Cake w/ buttercream frosting
Super Power: Networking

Adam Grant
Director of Sales - Midwest

I have helped companies grow within the Midwest for 18 years through relationships and promises delivered.
Sports Team: Minnesota Vikings
Secret Skill: Building Tiki Bars
Happy Place: Key West
“Go To” Drink: Old Fashion
Guilty Pleasure: Life
Super Power: Spinning a negative into a positive

Laura Snyder
Director of Sales

25+ years in multifamily industry in both Operations and as a Regional for Kettler and Greystar. Transitioned into a sales role with Valet Living and Tour24.
Sports Team: Washington Capitals
Secret Skill: Cooking
Happy Place: Smith Mountain Lake
“Go To” Drink: Blueberry iced tea
Guilty Pleasure: Chocolate
Super Power: Relationship building

Brooks Saye
Senior Sales Manager

7+ years in innovation in multifamily. ‘Top 10 Leaser’ on value-add and lease-up communities with RangeWater. Opened 7 southeast markets for ApartmentData.com, growing revenue 80+%.
Sports Team: Go Georgia Bulldawgs!
Secret Skill: Charcuterie Boards
Happy Place: Hilton Head Island, SC
“Go To” Drink: Spicy Margarita
Guilty Pleasure: Southern Charm
Super Power: I’ve never met a stranger

Katherine Avery
Sales Operations Manager

Recent College Graduate. Started in media advertising. Moved to multifamily with Tour24. Eager to learn more about the industry and develop a career in sales.
Sports Team: Boston Red Sox
Secret Skill: Skiing
Happy Place: Cape Cod
“Go To” Drink: Moscow Mule or Chai Tea Latte
Guilty Pleasure: Scary movies and Vanderpump Rules
Super Power: Managing Salesforce

Will Graziano
Sales Intern

Studying at Loyola University of Maryland. Owner of successful sneaker/clothing reselling business.
Sports Team: Boston Celtics
Secret Skill: Selling Sneakers
Happy Place: East Falmouth, MA
“Go To” Drink: Dunkin Iced Caramel Swirl
Guilty Pleasure: Binging Netflix
Super Power: Always striving to improve

Client Services Team

Meredith Alaback
Director Client Development

Young & influential leader in multifamily for 5+ years. Supported 7000 units in DFW/OK. Assisted in 15 new client acquisitions in 18 months.
Sports Team: Oklahoma State Cowboys/ Dartmouth “Big Green”
Secret Skill: The ability to fall asleep by 8pm
Happy Place: Anywhere off I-70 in CO
“Go To” Drink: AM: Iced mocha latte from LDU, PM: Margarita with extra salt
Guilty Pleasure: 90-Day Fiance & Crime Podcasts
Super Power: Creating lasting and authentic client relationships

Heather Pietanza
Director Client Success

Leader in multifamily for 30+ years. Experience in all facets of property operations while delivering results. Focus on growing partnerships, training, revenue growth and management while keeping teams motivated.
Sports Team: Tampa Bay Lightning
Secret Skill: Interior Design of any room, house or backyard
Happy Place: Any outdoor adventure or activity
“Go To” Drink: Coffee & Energize (but not together)
Guilty Pleasure: Zumba with my girls
Super Power: Professional multi-tasker

Jennifer Zacharias
Director Client Success

20+ years in the industry. Specializing in revenue management, property operations, product management, and accounting.
Sports Team: Texas Tech – Red Raiders
Secret Skill: Cookie Decorating
Happy Place: Anywhere with my family
“Go To” Drink: Cabernet
Guilty Pleasure: Disney Movies – I’m a kid at heart!
Super Power: Event planning

Christian Collins
Onboarding Manager

20+ years experience in the multifamily industry. Focus on strategic planning of the customer’s journey and UX.
Sports Team: Boston Red Sox
Secret Skill: Renovating my 110+ year old house
Happy Place: North Carolina Coast
“Go To” Drink: Coffee with extra cream
Guilty Pleasure: Adding Mods to my Wrangler
Super Power: Helping clients meet and exceed their goals

Sierra Lawson
Onboarding Manager

Highly driven and resourceful professional. 10+ years in Customer Service and 5+ years in multifamily. Top strengths include Achiever, Discipline, Strategic, Relator, and Communication.
Sports Team: Dallas Mavericks
Secret Skill: Animal Whisperer
Happy Place: Horseback riding
“Go To” Drink: Iced shaken espresso w/ sweet cream & white mocha / margarita on the rocks
Guilty Pleasure: Everything chocolate!
Super Power: Staying calm in stressful situations

Rachael G. Vendetti
Onboarding Manager

Roots in multidisciplinary marketing. 10+ years infusing creativity & drive in multifamily. Focus on new ideas in senior living, proptech implementation and managing charitable fair-housing events.
Sports Team: New England Patriots
Secret Skill: Aspiring “Top Chef” competitor
Happy Place: My back porch on a sunny day with my Fiancé & pup Barlow.
“Go To” Drink: AM: Iced Cold Brew PM: Casamigos & Simply Lemonade
Guilty Pleasure: Dateline Podcasts
Super Power: Crushing deadlines

Nicole McCarthy
Client Success Manager

Started in multifamily over 20 years ago. Worked for four major Property Management Companies both on-site and on the corporate side.
Sports Team: The Steelers
Secret Skill: Trying new dinner recipes every night
Happy Place: In a cabana on the beach in Aruba
“Go To” Drink: AM-Skinny Vanilla Blonde Latte; PM-White Wine
Guilty Pleasure: American Ninja Warriors
Super Power: Turning a negative situation/person into a positive one

Cami Black
Onboarding Analyst

Client Support Specialist with strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. Engaging and personable with the ability to promote a “client first” mentality and team-based environments.
Sports Team: OSU
Secret Skill: Painting
Happy Place: Colorado Rockies
“Go To” Drink: Iced Caramel Macchiato
Guilty Pleasure: Ice cream and all crime tv shows
Super Power: Great organizational skills and quick problem solving

Tiffany Cornett
Customer Support

Customer Support Specialist. Worked in a bank call center for four years.
Sports Team:  Kansas City Chiefs
Secret Skill:  Cooking
Happy Place:  Colorado Springs, CO
“Go To” Drink:  Iced coffee with cream and caramel
Guilty Pleasure:  Ice Cream and Chocolate
Super Power: Organization

Graham Duprey
Customer Support

Senior at Arizona State studying marketing and sales, and business leadership.
Sports Team:  Red Sox
Secret Skill:  Cooking
Happy Place:  Rocky Mountains (skiing)
“Go To” Drink:  Iced latte
Guilty Pleasure:  Ordering food delivery
Super Power: Learning new skills


Robin DuRoss
Senior Systems Manager

Former Account Director. Expertise in project management, client services, data management and marketing. Promoted to Senior Systems Manager in the first year.
Sports Team: New England Patriots
Secret Skill: Sneaky good at Cribbage
Happy Place: “The Camp” in Sumner, ME
“Go To” Drink: Black Cherry Polar Seltzer
Guilty Pleasure: Vanderpump Rules
Super Power: Organization

Nick Rampone
Systems & Access Manager

Background in IT with management, sales, and implementation experience. Focused on building teams and streamlining processes.
Sports Team: New England Patriots
Secret Skill: Vinology
Happy Place: Loon Mountain
“Go To” Drink: Depends on the season
Guilty Pleasure: Lavish restaurants
Super Power: Having an impact

Isobel Burgess
Senior Product Manager

NASA Researcher for the Dawn Mission. Presented at centennial AGU conference. 5+ years in multifamily. Product management, corporate data analysis and creative problem-solving skills.
Sports Team: Boston Bruins
Secret Skill: Playing hockey and doing the perfect winged eyeliner
Happy Place: Rye, NH or anywhere by the sea!
“Go To” Drink: Iced Coffee … all year ’round
Guilty Pleasure: Love Island … but just the UK version!
Super Power: Solving complex equations, not just mathematical ones

Marketing Team

Courtney Bradford
Senior Marketing Manager

10+ years in multifamily. Focused on sales, marketing, client success, and building winning brands.
Sports Team:  Who has time for sports?
Secret Skill: Skiing 
Happy Place:  The mountains of Colorado
“Go To” Drink:  Black coffee or Italian wine
Guilty Pleasure:  Homemade popcorn
Super Power:  Finds the positive in any situation

Kate Greene
Marketing Coordinator

A dynamic, marketing communications professional who enjoys a challenge. 7+ years experience in marketing communications and events. Providing quality promotional materials and engaging experiences.
Sports Team: New England Patriots
Secret Skill: I make my own bread
Happy Place: On a riverside trail with my dog
“Go To” Drink: Cold brew in the morning and a crisp IPA after work
Guilty Pleasure: True crime podcasts
Super Power: Creative storytelling

Teddy V. Oliver
Social Media Marketing Intern

Senior at Stonehill College studying business, management and marketing.
Sports Team: Celtics
Secret Skill: Pet Whisperer & Great Motivational Speaker/Leader
Happy Place: My Car
“Go To” Drink: Caramel Latte with 2 Extra Shots of Espresso
Guilty Pleasure: Late Night Car Cruises/Car Meets
Super Power: Getting work done fast with great quality

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