About Tour24

Tour24 is the award-winning platform for self-guided tours that empowers communities and helps future renters easily find a home on their own.

Built by innovators in multifamily, Tour24 is the only provider of the self-guided experience that incorporates audio and visual support. Combining its transformative technology with key industry integrations, including smart home and secure verification capabilities, Tour24 is the most comprehensive solution on the market.

Led by a high-caliber client success team of industry experts, Tour24 is laser focused on delivering more traffic, more tours and ultimately more leases.

Leadership Team

Georgianna W. Oliver

Started four businesses. Sold to RealPage and Gibraltar. Disrupting the multifamily industry. 20+ years in the industry.
Sports Team: OSU
Secret Skill: Flipping Houses
Happy Place: Chatham, MA
“Go To” Drink: Triple Shot Almond Latte
Guilty Pleasure: Real Housewives
Super Power: Delivering results

John I. Doyle

Corporate HR and Training. 15+ years in multifamily helping owners /operators run their communities more effectively with innovative technology.
Sports Team: Univ. of Cincinnati Bearcats
Secret Skill: I can roll my stomach like a belly dancer
Happy Place: Anyplace my dogs are using me as their human pillow
“Go To” Drink: Very Strong Moscow Mule
Guilty Pleasure: Any Real Life Crime Shows (Dateline, Snapped, 48 Hours)
Super Power: Entertaining a captive audience

Jen Fallon

20+ years working in high-tech and start-ups as an entrepreneur, inventor and CPA.
Sports Team: Boston Bruins
Secret Skill: Certified in Reiki and can name any 80’s music tune
Happy Place: Craigville Beach Association (x2 if my family and friends are there, too!)
“Go To” Drink: AM: Coffee; PM: Cosmo
Guilty Pleasure: Four Seas Ice Cream… and Jax (not together, promise).
Super Power: Making sense of the numbers.

Joanna Hackney

Leader in multifamily/proptech for 20+ years. Delivering excellent client experiences through all phases of partnership. Specializations include revenue management, business intelligence and on-site operations.
Sports Team: UT Longhorns
Secret Skill: Event Planning
Happy Place: Anywhere outdoors with a book and my dog
“Go To” Drink: Chardonnay
Guilty Pleasure: Nacho Cheese Doritos
Super Power: Helping clients create and execute their business strategy

Erin McCormick

Founded three companies. Award-winning software designer. CIO at two companies. Director, Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centers at Babson and UMass. Designer, Author and Keynote Speaker.
Sports Team: Red Sox
Secret Skill: Singing/producing musical numbers all over the world
Happy Place: By the beach
“Go To” Drink: Chai Latte or Chardonnay
Guilty Pleasure: Watching The Bachelor with my daughter
Super Power: Turning ideas into action

Yinka Kuye

10+ years in multifamily. In-depth frontline property management knowledge. Managed Front Desk to C-suite expectations. Results- oriented systems integrator, problem solver and industry disruptor.
Sports Team: New England Patriots
Secret Skill: Gardening
Happy Place: On a beach anywhere
“Go To” Drink: Whiskey Sour
Guilty Pleasure: Reality TV….ALL of them!
Super Power: Plowing through obstacles

Robyn Hadley

Multifamily sales leader with a 25 year history delivering win/win results through strategic account management, partnerships and mentoring.
Sports Team: Fair-weather Broncos fan
Secret Skill: Time bending; getting everything done and more
Happy Place: The mountains of Colorado
“Go To” Drink: Double tall non-fat latte
Guilty Pleasure: Tree skiing in powder and long hot baths
Super Power: Creating strong, authentic bonds that facilitate a deep understanding of needs and strategy

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